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Legacy Migration Overview

We are world leaders in legacy migration solutions. With IP migration we enable end customers to retain equipment running legacy protocols, such as X.25, Leased Line and ATM.

Legacy Migration
Why VA legacy migration solutions?
  • We have 16 years of migration experience
  • Move to a fully supported IP/Ethernet network without disrupting customers
  • Customer Friendly Migration: technical migration with minimal disruption to the end customer
  • Eliminate legacy networks: wide range of legacy technologies supported
  • Reliability: Fully supported up to date technology
  • Guaranteed responsive technical supervision and support throughout the process to ensure a seamless and painless experience


Migrate from legacy networks without disruption

Our migration products solve legacy migration problems by allowing operators to turn off legacy networks without requiring the user to upgrade or replace their equipment. We provide different solutions depending on your legacy network.

Investigate and understand your existing network
Our expert team of engineers ask the right questions, listen and discuss your migration architecture and challenges.

Design a new network architecture
We design and test a new network architecture to suit your needs.

Build the hardware and tailor the software functionality to fit your needs
Using our off the shelf system of provisioning, deployment and monitoring systems, we build a solution that is right for you.

We implement the solution so you can move to IP without disrupting your end customers.

And stay close in support
During and after migration we ensure you have the full support of our expert team.


We have the latest technology that is required for your specific solution.

The AOS is built on state-of-the-art server technology and provides a modern flexible architecture that enables low-cost service delivery with minimal operational resources. The AOS enables service providers to operate legacy services using a Virtual Network over an IP core.

The RAS (Remote Access Server) provides centralised network access to customer equipment using various technologies, such as ISDN, V.90 and others. Based on modern hardware and software, the RAS allows service providers to upgrade their networks maintaining legacy access, with fewer RAS nodes.

We have a range of routers wth optional interfaces to suit your needs:

  • The GW8000 has interfaces identical to that currently provided by legacy networks, meaning no changes are required to the customer's equipment.
  • The GW9000 offers fixed line broadband connectivity with 3G wireless backup, ensuring a truly resilient remote management solution.
  • The GW6710 supports analogue leased line data and telephony services over IP-based Next Generation Networks whilst maintaining the quality of service.


Our legacy solutions are feature rich products that implement both standard and customized protocols to ensure smooth and transparent migrations.

Our software is developed and tested by our expert legacy solutions team, guaranteeing stability and quick maintenance turnaround.

Our legacy products have user friendly management and supervising tools that can be customised to fit any customer requirements.

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